We are a leading manufacturer of better-for-you frozen foods.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make better-for-you foods the everyday choice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best co-manufacturing partner for leading consumer package goods companies, foodservice providers and retailers looking for delicious, better-for-you frozen products.  We bring a solution mindset coupled with a collaborative approach that enables us to uniquely deliver quality, innovation and service at the right price.

Our Values

Customer First

We delight our customers by consistently exceeding expectations.


We own our responsibilities and deliver on our commitments.


We take pride in creating outstanding products at a value.


We communicate openly while fostering a genuine willingness to improve.


We collaborate and respectfully engage together to win with a sense of urgency.

Consumers inherently want better-for-you foods; nearly 1/3 avoid gluten

Eating better appeals to the vast majority of consumers

71% of Millennials and 65% of all consumers have purchased better-for-you products

63% of consumers try to eat healthy most or all the time

57% of US households purchased plant-based foods in 2020

91% believe recognizable ingredients are healthier

76% of Americans say plant-based foods are healthy

75% of consumers are trying to limit/avoid sugars in their diet

Gut Check, May, 2020, Food Industry Executive, March, 2019, Manatee, June 2020, IFIC Food & Health Survey Findings, 2020, Plant Based Foods Association, April 2021, Food Institute, July 2020, Beyond Celiac.org

Our customer approach delivers many advantages

While relentless on innovation, at Urban Farmer we are also obsessed with quality, committed to service, and transparent on operational efficiencies.

Customer Centric

Sales team focused on growing customer revenue and profits

Dedicated Support

Trained, local CX Team; in the plant and ready to serve

Centrally Located

Enables shipping efficiencies to anywhere in the US

Cost Efficient

Fully-integrated operations; Model offers toll pricing or best market rate

Operationally Flexible

Willing to explore operational line CAPX improvements


Proactive innovation and customer collaborations

Our manufacturing facilites provide best-in-class, fully integrated capabilities

We operate two USDA certified facilities, located in Manteno, IL

Boudreau Plant

  • 111,000 square foot facility
  • Multiple flexible baking lines to meet unique customer demands
  • Two lane high-speed topping lines
  • Currently operating with additional capacity
  • Floorspace for additional expansion

Mulberry Plant

  • 50,000 square foot facility
  • Home of the UF Innovation Kitchen
  • Recently converted for modern storage (Q3 2021)


Certified Gluten-Free Products

USDA Approved

Efficient Operating Scale

End-to-End Production Capabilites

Centrally Located

Employee Friendly Campus