New! Veggie-Blend Breads

Our bread? It’s better than bread…

There was a time when bread alternatives were known for their mushy, floppy and all-too-tasteless properties. But that was before Urban Farmer rolled up its sleeves and set about to innovating the category. In fact, we’ve perfected gluten-free, vegetable-based vegan breads and doughs. Now we have a line of great-tasting, and great-for-you alternative breads.

They’re light, airy, chewy and moreover, substantial:

  • Our thick, tasty cauliflower buns have those delicious little air pockets—perfect little nooks for condiments, jams or jellies.
  • Our cauliflower-based tortillas can stand up to whatever you put in them.
  • Our breadsticks are the perfect complement to any meal.

So the question remains: What can we make for you?

New soft, fluffy and light cauliflower buns by Urban Farmer
Cauliflower tortillas, vegan and amazingly tasty
Urban Farmer's proprietary "Cauliflower bread" recipe can be turned into any bread type including breadsticks

A farmer who’s also a baker? Of course. We’re constantly innovating, inventing, testing and creating—our innovation center has become a specialty bakery of sorts.

What can we make for you?