Real Sun-dried Tomatoes
From Sono Italiano

Oven baked and sun-dried are NOT the same thing.

At Sono Italiano, an Urban Farmer company, we take pride that our sun-dried tomatoes never see the inside of an oven or a dehydrator. We dry entirely with the sun, using special techniques originated in Italy over 2,000 years ago as we hand-pick each tomato. Why do we put in this extra effort? To provide our customers with the best flavor, color and texture.

Traditional Natural or USDA Certified Organic Tomatoes
Packed Bulk Dry or in Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Available in Halves, Chopped, Diced or Julienned
Meaty, Rich and Flavorful
100% Sun Dried
Certified Kosher

Starting with carefully selected tomatoes and allowing them to dry slowly in the sun ensures the preservation of their exceptional flavor, texture and heartiness. Sono Italiano sun-dried tomatoes are of the highest quality; reach in color and flavor with a wonderful meaty texture. Your customers will notice the difference that truly sun-dried tomatoes make in all your food.

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